In Concom we give value to the values

We highlight as emblematic for its efficiency, installation design and implementation project / environment / impact, the following projects:

Forum of Nations 2004, Agbar Building, Cornella Municipal Sports Center, Boheringer, Danone Group, F.C. Barcelona, R.C.D. Espanyol, Quirón Clinic, Corachan, Sagrada Familia Clinic and Clinics, Gran Via 2 Shopping Center, Barcelona Airport, Desigual, Linde Group, Aigües de Barcelona, etc.

More than 20 years of experience

The integral facilities division has a broad trajectory that allows us to continue evolving as an installation company, offering a more extensive and accurate service registry that adapts and responds to the needs of the sector today:
state-of-the-art engineering to meet an attentive and educated demand in which renewables are, nowadays, the source of energy that will guarantee the management of our planet’s resources in the most immediate future.
For all this and since 2008 our renewable energy division, with the support of the company specialized in electrical storage and energy management services, has followed an ambitious international expansion plan that drives CONCOM’s development around the world / beyond our borders / in different parts of our planet, with societies present in Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Holland.

We keep growing and contribute social values to society

Our commitment is focused on offering our / their clients the answers and the service they need, developing a common project that always advances on the basis of maximum professionalism and mutual trust, achieving through the collaboration and commitment established from the beginning of each project, the achievement of the agreed objectives. Our experience in managing and executing projects of high complexity, large scale and diverse nature allows us to take on new challenges: the challenge drives our progress.

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