CONCOM is a Multinational company founded in 1996, with very high experience in the field of big infrastructures installations, services to companies, operation and maintenance.

Nowadays we have set up branches with offices available in Spain (headquarters), Japan, Hong-Kong, Taiwán, Mexico, Ghana, Italy, France and Holland.

Our experience acquired during this years in the sector, has allowed us to evolve our services and brought us to be one of the leaders of the sector, always offering the maximum professionalism and the highest standards of quality, when building and installing.

During the last 5 years the division of renewable energies and energy saving studies has been emphasized and upgraded to an international environment, following a very demanding expansion plan.

Our commitment

Concom is not a typical traditional company, we are different.

In Concom we do understand our customer needs, and we do adapt to them. New challenges turn out to be our inspiration. We know how to manage really complex projects, of high size, and varied nature, we are always in the search of the best suitable option, and give to each of our customers the attention, quality and personalized service he deserves.