Energias RenovablesIn 2008, this department was born in Concom. Since then, the Renewable Energy division has kept an innovative spirit and has always continued evolving, trying to adapt to any particular need of any our customers, by providing the huge experience of our human team.

In the large number of installations accomplished throughout the world, we have developed and implemented easy and at the same time effective solutions in any of the three main areas of any energetic project, the design, the execution and the legalizing.

Our philosophy has always been to maintain a big team of qualified professionals always committed to the service, with huge international experience, with a high knowledge of their sector. Our people are fully capable to successfully accomplish any kind of project with the best guarantees that each project will be finished as planned in time, with the quality required, and with the optimal technological solution applied.



  • Development of projects  
  • Engineering and directing of works
    Technical and administrative management of projects. Control of works execution according to planning and local regulations.
  • Building
    Building of Turnkey Projects. Purchase Materials supply management, and Local Subcontractors Management.
  • Legalization and commissioning.
    Execution and Control of the legal and bureaucracy process required to connect and evacuate the energy produced by PV plants.

Operation and Maintenance

  • Operation
    Energy Production control, with analyze of the results and detection of deviations.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance 
    Preventive maintenance task management. Failure and breakdown management.
  • Document management
    Writing Production reports on PR and availability.

Consulting / Advisory

  • Technical Advising
    Technical advising related to projects development, to buying projects already built, and to Technical Due Diligence.
  • Legal Advising
    Legal advising required to negotiate new EPC and O&M contracts. Documental management when obtaining licenses.