• Development of projects  
  • Engineering and directing of works
    Technical and administrative management of projects. Control of works execution according to planning and local regulations.
  • Building
    Building of Turnkey Projects. Purchase Materials supply management, and Local Subcontractors Management.
  • Legalization and commissioning.
    Execution and Control of the legal and bureaucracy process required to connect and evacuate the energy produced by PV plants.

Operation and Maintenance

  • Operation
    Energy Production control, with analyze of the results and detection of deviations.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance 
    Preventive maintenance task management. Failure and breakdown management.
  • Document management
    Writing Production reports on PR and availability.

Consulting / Advisory

  • Technical Advising
    Technical advising related to projects development, to buying projects already built, and to Technical Due Diligence.
  • Legal Advising
    Legal advising required to negotiate new EPC and O&M contracts. Documental management when obtaining licenses.


  • Engineering Integral Project Implementation (electricity, climate, fire-detection, intrusion, TVCC, Access Control, Data Wiring, DPC, communications, safety…).
  • Implementation of large facilities in the industrial, commercial or services sector.
  • Implementation of replied medium to small installations for the same customer (stores, shops, outlets, franchises, concessionaire, Insurance groups, etc.).
  • Global DPC services (Data Processor Center) referred to engineering, building and installing and maintaining.
  • Global Maintenance Services.
  • Energy saving studies.
  • Installations on LT and MT. (Low and Medium Tension).
  • Legalizations