InfraestructurasCONCOM Engineering and Infrastructures Department offers any kind of integrated technical or management service. That is why when referring to integral projects, CONCOM becomes the key partner. We can provide any type of turnkey service or any “facility management”, together with an optimized integrated maintenance for each project.

Our goal is to be in permanent touch with our client, so as to be able to solve any technical worry that our customer may have, regarding their nowadays facilities, and grow and go along with them in any of the upcoming projects they will develop.

We always offer the highest quality of service, together with the best technological solution according to each sector, with the most innovative and advanced products and services.


  • Engineering Integral Project Implementation (electricity, climate, fire-detection, intrusion, TVCC, Access Control, Data Wiring, DPC, communications, safety…).
  • Implementation of large facilities in the industrial, commercial or services sector.
  • Implementation of replied medium to small installations for the same customer (stores, shops, outlets, franchises, concessionaire, Insurance groups, etc.).
  • Global DPC services (Data Processor Center) referred to engineering, building and installing and maintaining.
  • Global Maintenance Services.
  • Energy saving studies.
  • Installations on LT and MT. (Low and Medium Tension).
  • Legalizations